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Typically, mediation is a process during which the mediator meets with the parents to discuss the needs of the child(ren) in matters relating to parenting plans, legal and physical custody. The goal is to assist the parents in reaching agreement regarding the Best Interests of the Child(ren).

Child Custody Recommending Counseling (“CCRC”) is a mediation-evaluation process. The Child Custody Recommending Counselor, also known as a Mediator, is agreed to by the parents and/or appointed by the Court, to provide mediation and evaluation services. Recommendations are made to the Court by the CCRC (Mediator) as to what is in the Best Interests of the Child(ren) for any matters the parents are not able to resolve by mutual agreement during the mediation process.

Child Custody Evaluations (FC §3110.3111) are conducted by court appointment. This is an evaluation process in which the evaluator investigates and assesses the family. Recommendations are then submitted to the Court in the Best Interests of the Child(ren), based on the information gathered during the evaluation process.

Disclaimer: The Sacramento Valley Child Custody Mediators ("SVCCM") are independent practitioners who are not in any way affiliated with each other. Arrangements to engage the services of one of the professionals on the SVCCM are made as independent contracts between the individual on the list and those engaging their services. The SVCCM do not endorse any individual on the list for any purpose.
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